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Savannah K. Marcum

I'm an author, writer, YouTuber, spiritual guide, and chronic illness and mental health advocate.

With everything I do I strive to uplift, inspire, and spread positivity.

To learn more about all of the things I do keep reading this page! (Ps. All of my links are listed at the bottom of this page)

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My first novel Finding Serenity will be coming out later in 2021. 

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I've been blogging since my early teens. I have a few blogs. 

The Life Of An Insomniac

This blog is like my virtual diary. I blogged about the struggles of living with chronic illness and still write life and health updates here. It's a deeply personal blog that shares things about my life that I don't share anywhere else. 


Heyo It's Mayo

This blog is where I write blog versions of my YouTube videos. Inclusivity and making easy to consume content is an important priority to me. Topics on this blog focus on health, wellness, healing, clean living, recipes, yoga, fitness, massage, skincare, beauty, etc. 

Mystic Star 999

This is my spiritual business's blog. All topics focus on spiritual awakening, soul wellness, magic, meditation, etc. 

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I'm known as Mayo or Heyo It's Mayo on YouTube. "Heyo It's Mayo" is how I start all of my videos and "Classic Mayo" is my ending catchphrase. Mayo is a nickname I acquired in my teens. It was an inside joke that stuck and just happened to turn into the theme of my channel. (Ps. I have not publicly shared the story of how I got the nickname Mayo.) 

Heyo It's Mayo started with music covers first, then I started to share about my journey of chronic illness and healing. In 2020 I finally began to share about my spiritual side on YouTube as well. 

I strongly believe in a "Mind, Body, Soul" approach to wellness and I proudly let that show on YouTube. 


My YouTube channel is a "lifestyle" channel that covers all topics of my life:

health, healing, wellness, chronic illness and mental health advocacy, clean living, clean beauty, skincare, haircare, fitness, massages, spirituality, spiritual awakening, soul wellness, music, covers, vlogs, and sharing my personal life. 

I take topic/song requests and make an effort to view all of the comments. I happily answer questions and even welcome private messages if my audience wants to contact me

My YouTube channel: 

My Music / Covers

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Spiritual Guide

In 2018 I started my own spiritual guidance business: Mystic Star 999

I've seen, felt, heard, and had the ability to connect with spirits my entire life, literally for as long as I can remember. But I hid my spiritual side away and kept it a secret until I was about 17 or 18. By age 20 I was fully out of the "spirital closet" and had started my business. 

You can learn more about my spiritual gifts on the About Me page on my other website. 

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Health Advocate

At age 14 my life completely changed. In a matter of days I went from healthy, athletic, and straight A's, to suddenly I was so sick that I was bed ridden and practically catatonic. After a year of parading to medical specialists all up and down the coast of California, and roughly 20 different diagnoses, I finally was properly diagnosed with tick borne diseases. 

I had Lyme disease, bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia chaffeensis, and I was dying. 

After years of treatment I got my tick borne illnesses into remission, but then I relapsed and was diagnosed with MCAS (mast cell activation syndrome) which was causing me to have anaphylactic reactions to everything under the sun. 

Frankly, it's a miracle I'm alive today. Many people who get as sick as I did don't survive it.


The road to remission was long and hard, and I've shared about it all along the way. My Insomniac blog shares deeply honest testimonials of what it was like for me to live with chronic illness and mental health struggles that felt like they were eroding me from the inside out. My Mayo blog shares about my road to healing, and my YouTube channel shares it all, the healing and the heart wrenching. 

I strongly believe that honest, authentic sharing is an effective road to spreading awareness. I don't believe that any kind of health struggles should be "taboo" or should be something that people feel like they can't talk about. The ups and downs of health and mental health are a part of life, for all of us. 

I share to spread awareness, to educate, to let others know they're not alone, to show that I did find a road out of "rock bottom", and I share for me, because I have a voice and story to be shared. 

Motivational Speeches

Health Videos

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My Mission

As you can tell, I do a lot of things, but I just have so many passions in life! Since almost dying (more than once) I learned that life is short and we should feel free to pursue as many of our dreams as we desire. Passions on passions on passions! Fill your life with things you love!


With everything I do, my mission is to uplift, inspire, and spread positivity. 


I'm here to be my authentic self, and I look forward to sharing with you.

If you have any questions, comments, or topic requests feel free to contact me. 


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Your support allows me to be able to keep doing what I love to do. Thank you so much for your support, love, kind words and encouragement. 


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—My Businesses—


Mystic Star 999 - Spiritual Guidance 



IG/FB - @mysticstar999




Marcum Olive Oil - my family’s homegrown, handpicked 100% Coratina extra virgin olive oil (COOC certified)


IG/FB - @marcumoliveoil 




Lyme Loomers - Handmade, sewn, and crochet goods 


IG/FB - @lymeloomers



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