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Alchemy Of The Soul
A Spiritual Awakening Guide
  • Became available on 4/4/21

  • 44 pages 

  • $4.44

  • instant download PDF

This is a "beginner's guide to spiritual awakening." Over time I plan to expand this to cover intermediate and advanced techniques as well. 

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What Does This eBook Include?


  • Introduces concepts, ideas, changes to possibly expect.

  • Encourages opening your mind, heart, soul.

  • Self-empowered and self-paced.

  • Who are you?

  • What are your abilities?

  • Ways to activate and exercise your abilities.

  • Ways to use your abilities.

  • What's your purpose?

  • Soul connections.

  • Empowering tips for living life as a highly sensitive soul.

  • Removing blocks

  • Energy clearing

  • Boundaries

  • Energy shields

  • And so much more!



Also includes journal prompts, links to lots of FREE blogs and videos, and links to compatible mini-courses.

Excerpt from Chapter 5

"Alchemy is the transformation of matter. “Alchemy Of The Soul” (a phase Spirit gave me to title this book) is the transformation of you, the awakening of you.


You, little Starlight, are here because you want to awaken. You want to connect more deeply to the spiritual, you want to explore the spiritual world and the spiritual parts of you that have laid dormant. You’re ready to expand, to explore, to discover hidden things, hidden abilities. You’re ready to remember how to see and feel and use the magic that’s all around. 



  • Are you curious?

  • Have you effectively released your fears?

  • Are you open?

  • Are you ready to be free?

  • Are you ready to change? 

  • Are you ready to awaken?

  • Are you ready to transform?

  • Are you ready to embody your highest, truest self?



Parts of you have been shoved away, being told that they do not have a place within society, within this world, within you, that there is not enough room for it to exist. 


That is false. There is plenty of space for all of you to exist and flourish. 


Allow yourself to be free."

Author's Note


Please use this guide as a reference and for inspiration, not as a limitation. Take what resonates and leave the rest. 


Since I began sharing my spirituality more openly I’ve been asked so many questions about how to awaken, how to discover gifts, how to deepen spirituality, etc. I felt called to write this and answer the questions I get asked so often. 


I decided to put this out quickly, knowing that this is needed now. I see myself adding to this over time and someday maybe publishing it into a hard copy. I look forward to seeing what this grows into. 


Thank you for your curiosity and for asking questions. It’s energy like that that calls forward those who are meant to teach. I thank you for bringing that out of me. 


I hope this “beginners guide” finds those who need it. 

I hope it’s uplifting. 

I hope it’s validating. 

I hope you, who is reading this now, know that you are full of divinity. 


I wish you love on your journey. 

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