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Mystic Star 999

Mystic Star 999 is devoted to my spiritual work. I’m an empath/animal empath, psychic-medium, and clairvoyant (with all of my “clair-senses.”) I have a gift of being able to hear the voice of souls and strive to connect people back to hearing their own inner voice, their own inner guidance system, and connecting them back to their higher power. 

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Marcum Olive Oil

My family has an olive oil business based here in Paso Robles, CA.

Our olives are homegrown with love, sustainably grown (non-certified organic), handpicked, pressed fresh locally, bottled locally, hand labeled and personally shipped out by the Marcum family. Our 100% Coratina, extra virgin olive oil is COOC certified. 

Lyme Loomers

I co-own this Etsy shop with my sister-in-law. We're both survivors of chronic Lyme disease. 

We hand-sew and crochet things — mainly baby things (ex: baby hats, baby bibs, baby blankets.)

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