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The Past Still Haunts On Beautiful Nights

The sky was on fire,

lit up beautifully.

I was filled with desire, 

and things none will ever see.

My head full of thought,

my heart does still ache,

for the things I forgot,

for the chances I didn't take.

The past still haunts on a beautiful night, 

though we try so hard to move on.

But at least we have this sunset tonight, 

I shall remember her beauty when she's gone.



Angels hear us when we cry in the night

Angels Hear Us When We Cry In The Night

Angels hear us when we cry in the night,

They come to our side,

They stay until our worries have died,

and send them away in the wind.

Angels hear us when we cry in the night,

When we feel like all hope is lost,

When we exhaust ourselves trying to carry all of our burdens ourself. 

Angels hear us when we cry in the night, 

Though we probably won't know that they're there.

When darkness comes, and the light is all gone, 

We must know we are never alone. 



Night became her daytime, and daytime be


Night became her daytime, and daytime became her nightmare. She found peace in the solitude of the night. The moon became her only friend. The deafening silence of the night became a comfortable soundtrack to her backwards days, and birds chirping in the first scattered rays of morning sunshine lulled her to sleep. She saw the world differently than others, but living a life were you only see the world lit by moonlight has that effect on you...



Why do I write such somber things? Why d

Why do I write such somber things?

Why do I write such somber things?

Every song is sad,

Every poem is melancholy,

Every story has heartbreak.

Why do my words always come out so heavy?

Every thought,

Every breath,

Every word that comes out,

all laced with depth and an anchor.

I try to write happy things,

I try to be light,

But try as I might,

my words are all filled with lead. 

I know why I write such somber things, 

why melancholy casts a hue over my words.

For long in my past, alone at rock bottom,

I lived and did nothing but write. 

Why do I write such somber things? You may ask. 

What you hear, my dear, is the weight of a soul who for years saw more darkness than light. 



I choose me. I choose me and that doesn’

I choose me.

I choose me.

I choose me and that doesn't make me selfish. 

I choose me and that doesn't mean I'm neglecting the people I love.

I choose me and there's nothing wrong with that.

I choose me and I don't feel guilty.

I choose me and I feel happy and proud of my choice to value my needs above all else. 

I choose me. Period. 



Unrequited Love Your lips,Your eyes,My h

Unrequited Love

Your lips,

Your eyes,

My heart, desires.

I long to feel your touch.

I lied,

To you,

If only, she knew.

My heart is hers to crush.

My secret, 

My demise, 

I only have eyes,

For those I can never clutch.



I wake with poetry in my mind,words just

Poetic Thoughts Plague My Mind

I wake with poetry in my mind,

words just flowing together.

Sometimes, although, my mind gets messy, thoughts all jumbled together.

I write and I try to untangle the mess, words coming back to make sense.

I wake, I sleep, I live with poetry,

playing in my head as if it's music. 



Oh the Rose Soft petals Sharp thorns Reg


Oh, the Rose,

Soft petals,

Sharp thorns,

Regal beauty with looming danger.

Such is love,



Elation with the risk of shattering heartbreak.

We risk everything for the things we find beautiful. 



An eternal flame glows within, one that

Eternal Flame

An eternal flame glows within, one that cannot be put out.

The smallest ember will always prevail and live on to rebirth the flame. 

Ever flowing waters flow on infinitely,

carrying its wisdom, its healing. 

The earth does not die, from mountains to rock to sand to mud, it merely changes form with time. 

The winds of change are always shifting, guiding, transforming, but it always does blow.

We fear that change may desolate.

We forget that an eternal flame glows within.



I was falling helplessly, like the rain

Falling Like The Rain

I was falling helplessly, like the rain hitting the window, and with every kiss I fell more and more under your intoxicating spell. Your lips, your taste, your smell, your skin, your touch, your voice...I could never get enough.


You were my own personal drug of choice, addiction, my vice, and so much more than just a crutch. You were the bones within me holding up my body. You were the air I breathe, the solid ground beneath me.

You were everything...

Without you I wasn’t just empty, I was nothing. 


How could someone have so much power over me?

When did your identity and your life transfuse so deeply with mine?

I no longer could tell where I ended and you began. In my mind we were one. 


I always dreamed of a deep, all-consuming love, but this was beyond anything I could’ve imagined. It was thrilling and terrifying all at once. I’d never loved or feared anything more in my life. Part of me wanted to run, but all of me wanted to stay tangled in your web of mystery forever. 


Your magic filled lips left another hex on me tonight, and all I hope is that this spell that I’m under will last past midnight, and that this bewitching romance will go on for eternity. 


9/28/18 12:41am

I dreamt of you again I dreamt of your e

I dreamt of you again

I dreamt of you again...

I dreamt of your eyes, your lips, the curves of your face. 

I felt your touch, your warmth. 

You melted into me.

We were like one. 

One soul in two bodies.

I dreamt of you again.

I always dream of you. 

Yet I wake alone each morning,

longing for someone who doesn't exist.



Unity Prayer Oh heaven, oh sky,Oh earth

Unity Prayer

Oh heaven, Oh sky,

Oh earth below,

Hold me in your embrace.

Root my feet deep down to your molten core.

Stretch my branches up to the clouds.

Shine my light as bright as the stars. 

Oh earth, Oh sky,

Oh heaven above,

Let us be one forever. 



Take me away from this place I'm stuck i

an accidental suicide note

Take me away from this place,

I'm stuck here in its shackled embrace,

A captive to its cold broken heart,

I was doomed right from the start,

Icy and hell-bent inside,

It infected my soul 'til I died,

More darkness than you'll ever believe,

Too crippled inside to leave,

Not one more tear left to cry, 

So this will be my goodbye,

If I ever do see you again,

No more pain will fill me then.



You don’t know what you have until its g

You don't know what you have until it's gone.

You don’t know what you have until its gone.

It says it all right there in the quote, that you wont (and can’t) understand until its gone.

Truth is, I didn’t understand all the things that I had.I understand perfectly now.

I miss my life…
.My friends
.Feeling good
.Being a kid 
.Having fun
.Even school
I just miss what life used to be…

But now that this has happened to me the only thing I can do is look on the bright side and be thankful I have learned such a hard lesson at a young age. 

I know how it feels to have depression follow you around like a monstrous storm that is only interested in trapping you and making you suffer. I have had sleepless nights, mornings were I don’t feel that there is a reason to get up and days that I feel like death. I only leave the house to go to Doctors appointments. I never see or talk to my friends. I can’t do homework. Internet, TV, music and reading has become my life. And even through all that I still find something to make me smile every day.
I have a great sense of humor.
I have surprised myself by how much patience and strength I have.
I have become very humbled by all of this instead of become bitter. 
I have a better understanding of everything and everyone in my life.
I have already hit rock bottom at 15 and made it out okay.

Everything happens for a reason.
Stars can’t shine without darkness.
Enjoy the little things.

You don’t know what you have until its gone.


June 3, 2013

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